Small weddings are beautiful!

Small weddings are beautiful!

What a year! Who’d have thought when you started planning your wedding that this rollercoaster of events would occur. It’s been tough, right.

Some of you may have cancelled your plans, some may have postponed for a while and some of you may be wondering what to do?

The truth is, there is no right or wrong answer. True love WILL conquer all and you WILL get married, but exactly how you want to proceed is up to you.

The good news is, weddings are still on, albeit not as you might have planned. If you do decide to go ahead there are some imaginative ideas on how to proceed and stay safe.

The current guidelines state a maximum 15 people* can attend a wedding reception, so it’s time to get creative. Of course, you may decide to wait until things get back to normal. Either way, there are some beautiful possibilities.

Here’s a few ideas we thought we’d share:-

1. Live Stream YOUR Ceremony

Sounds technical hey! We’ve all become more familiar with video conferencing tools like Skype, Zoom and platforms like Instagram and Facebook live. If you do decide to go ahead with an intimate wedding, using technology could be the answer. It’s a great way to virtually involve your guests in your special day.

It might take a little planning but streaming your wedding will allow guests to a part of your day even if they can’t attend your wedding. You can still ask your guests to dress up for the event and you could even send them a small bottle of fizz to allow them to join you for a toast!

2. A Drive- Thru Wedding

Apparently, it is a thing! Not only can you grab a burger at the drive though, now you can get married!

A few weeks ago a new service launched in London. Just pull up, say your vows and drive off into the sunset together!

3. A Drive-By Wedding Parade

Whether you exchange vows or not, a drive by wedding parade could be a great way to celebrate your wedding day. Put on your dream dress, crack open the champers and ask your guests to drive by your location of choice. Actively encourage lots of honking and cheering, the louder the better!

4. Tie the Knot Now, Party Later

Delamere Manor Minimalist Romance

If you are absolutely set on the date, then there’s nothing stopping you from going ahead, providing you stick to the guidelines of course.

Once you’ve tied the knot you can start planning a great party for when things get back to normal. Just think what a party it will be!! You could even share a slideshow of pictures from the day or a short video of the ceremony to share that special moment with your guests. Singing, dancing and celebrating with our friends and family will return and we can’t wait. Of course, on a positive note you will have two chances to wear your stunning dress!!

5.Celebrate What Would Have Been Your Wedding Day

Delamere Manor Minimalist Romance

If you do decide to postpone your day, make sure you celebrate in style. Capture the special moments of your wedding with flowers, cake and fizz. Enjoy a special dinner and get dressed up. Why not play your last dance song and enjoy a smooch in the front room! Be sure to take some photographs.

Enjoying this day together will make up part of your wedding day memories and make you even more excited about when the big day does arrive. On the upside, you get two wedding anniversaries from now on (win, win!!)

6. Just the Two of You

Delamere Manor Minimalist Romance

Whilst you may have had a large family wedding planned, some couples may breathe a huge sigh of relief that they now have the opportunity to do it their way.

So many couples feel pressured into inviting Great Aunt Maud and second cousin Jack who they haven’t seen for years.

This is your chance to re-think and do things your way. You could consider a mini-elopment type wedding by booking a short break to somewhere you love and tying the knot while you’re there.

Remember, it is your day. So, however you chose to go ahead, your happiness is the key. Just remember #LoveIsnt Cancelled

*Government guidelines at time of publishing