Do we really need a professional wedding planner?

Do we really need a professional wedding planner?

Rachel Farrington-Allen from Festival Event and planning give us 10 great reasons that all scream yes, yes, yes!

With the growth of home technology and the wealth of information available to couples when planning their day, you might think that it is easy to do it yourself and that employing a planner is an expensive luxury. Booking a professional comes with some key advantages and is more reasonable than you think. Here are ten reasons why you should employ a professional company to become your wedding BFFs.

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It is so easy to lose site of the overall cost of your special day. A professional planner manages your payments, keeps you on track and sources the products for you at the most reasonable rate. They compare the whole market for you and have an overview of the percentage of your budget that needs to be allocated to what area.  Think of them as a specialist internet search engine with the experience to make your day magic within your means.

Suppliers – Friend or Foe?

The knowledge that comes with events planning is invaluable. It is easy enough to find plenty of suppliers online, but what is challenging is knowing how to find out about their work and reputation. No happy couple want to be let down, or worse still, take a financial hit from a supplier during the planning process. Working with a planner is useful as they provide tried and tested suppliers who will ensure the smooth running of your day.  Planners have a higher negotiating power, being in the trade, to get you the best service and price.

The Seven P’s of the Planning Process 

Proper planning and preparation prevents particularly poor performance. A professional planner could do this all day, everyday, having dealt with every pitfall and problem that has been thrown at them along the way. A schedule of what needs to be done will be the most important function that your planner will do for you. It’s much easier to get on with everyday life with the guidance of the person who lives, eats and breaths your wedding.

Do I really need a professional wedding planner?


Wedding Stress

There is no denying that planning your dream day can take over your life. What with finances, sourcing and coordination to mention but a few. Consider your planner as the person who can stand with you to take the force of this stress away. You’re getting married because you have met your One. This is a special time where you should be celebrating your love, not stressing yourself up to the hilt. Decisions are much more pleasant to make in your planning meetings, over a glass of fizz, whilst discussing the wedding of your dreams.

Save the date, save the time

The amount of time spent self-planning a perfect day is a huge commitment. Once a date is set and your friends and family know about it, time can just fly by. Remember a wedding planner is solely focused on this role. Employing a planner means that your new Wedding BFF takes the responsibility of the running around, as their main task. This minimises the impact of the planning process for you and your fiancée and enables life to continue calmly as your beautiful moment approaches

Friends and family

It can be a challenge to keep everyone happy in the planning process. Dynamics can mean that it can be hard to juggle everyone’s requirements. A professional planner can help to manage other people’s expectations and to keep everyone focused on making your day the most wonderful one of your life.

Location, location and guess what, location

With the wealth of beautiful venues available to couples, it is so hard to cut through the options and know where your budget will fit. You may have a specific style you are looking for. Sometimes, you may be going to an area you are not familiar with. A planner can provide the best of the best that fits in with your vision and the background information to you, to prevent any additional stress. For example, additional accommodation close by for your guests, reputable taxi firms to get people around and the best spots within your venue to get your dream photographs.

The Wow-Factor

Having met with your venue, your master of ceremonies from their team will be crucial to the day to ensure that the timetable is adhered to. Whilst most venues offer this service, the bigger picture is just that, much, much bigger. The planning process starts with ‘she said yes’. A professional planner will have strong relationships with bridal wear shops to help you to find that dream dress at the right time in the planning process. This dress will be the most beautiful one you ever buy and you will look at the photographs for the rest of your life. Great relationships between planners and bridal boutiques gives you the added advantage of a more personalised service to make your dream a reality. Click here to make an appointment with The Bridal Lounge.

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The day – dream to reality

Everyone knows what they like and don’t like. But how does that transpose to making your day absolutely perfect. Professional planners have the experience to hear and absorb your brief, look at the finishing touches available that will help you to bring your ideas alive and to suggest bespoke elements that make your day stand out from the rest. Not only that, but they walk you through the day to make sure, behind the scenes, that everything goes according to plan.

It is all in the detail

On the greatest day of your life you should be able to sit back and allow the day to happen around you. A planner oversees every minute detail of your wedding and ensures that it is the most fitting celebration of the love you have found.  From engagement to I do. Or the first meeting to the dream dress. From the first glass of bubbles to the final dance of the night, a planner makes the whole process in to the magical moment it truly deserves to be.

Rachel Farrington-Allen