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We live in a world of change and as a result we wonder how to maintain our lifestyles. wants and desires whilst trying to change our methods to a more economically friendly way of life, without compromising on the end result.  We desire lavish weddings, glorious decor, show stopping splendour, the dress to impress and the flowers to wow!! But can we have it all? Can it be economically friendly and very importantly can it be within budget? 

Florist by Nature

I’m Sue and I am a wedding and event florist with a particular passion for large scale installations, something to really make you stop and take note! But that hasn’t always been the case. I left school and went on to qualify as a Legal Executive but after 12 years in the industry I realised it wasn’t for me anymore. I had two children and during that time I started my diversion into floristry where my passion grew.
Florist by Nature
Florist by Nature
Living in Nantwich in the middle of the countryside I’m surrounded by nature. Everything is wild, natural, organised yet still chaotic. I draw my inspiration from my home and hence my business name was born, Florist By Nature.   I relish working with natural seasonal products and try to forage as much local or home grown material as I can. Remember that carbon footprint!!  I try more and more to apply a eco-friendly way of life to my work life but without impact to my customers and by customers I mean my brides! My glorious brides!! I love nothing more than speaking with an enthusiastic bride keen to show me their dream wedding and I love that I have been entrusted to make that dream a reality.
Florist by Nature Florist by Nature
Using as many of the natural materials around me and enlisting British growers I am able to create those dreams.  But can those dreams be done on a budget?  Of course, why not?! That is the beauty of home grown foliage and flowers. In reducing the distance it takes to import flowers and thus the carbon footprint, we are able to keep the cost of flowers down.  Music to my ears!  This leaves us able to utilise and improvise with flowers and foliage closer to home to create stunning arrangements.  This can be done simply with a tweak of materials to something hand foraged instead.  Or, by using seasonal British grown flowers meaning that we can make your dreams a reality at an affordable price. And this doesn’t stop with bouquets, it can be centrepieces, flower arches, wall backdrops….. the bigger the better. If you can think it we can do it!!  I don’t see why we can’t create that wow factor without breaking the bank.  And remember, the use of materials doesn’t have to be foliage and flowers but the backdrop itself, dressing a fireplace, a staircase, a ladder, an archway, a wall even, it’s such a thrill to be able to utilise the surroundings to create an amazing piece of art.  Remember you picked your venue because you fell in love with the place itself, why not exploit that beauty?
Florist by Nature
So if you’re looking for a wedding florist to create a wild, ‘just grew there’ style of wedding brimming with natural splendour, something a little outside of the box, then let’s have a chat and see what we can come up with to show that venue and your guests something they haven’t seen before.
    Florist by nature
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