Bridesmaids and Flower Girl Colour Options

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 Bridesmaids and Flower Girl Colour Options

Emma Bridals is a British-based bridal gown design & manufacturing company. Founded in 1988 in California as Eden Bridals, the company has been under British control since 2015. A strong name in the bridal industry, its success has helped the company to branch out product lines to include bridal, bridesmaid, flower girl, and social occasions.

The Emma design team works very hard to incorporate the latest fashion trends and ideas into the collections. We strive to ensure high quality fabrications, refine the small style details and offer our gowns and dresses at the best possible value to all brides. Over the years, we at Emma Bridals have received numerous awards for design, innovations, customer service, and quality.

Your gown choice is one of the most important, and personal, decisions you will ever make. Acquiring a wedding gown is a highly personal process, and is one that requires the expertise of a bridal shop; Emma Bridals does not recommend purchasing your wedding gown, or bridal party gowns, over the internet. There are countless hands-on services including professional fittings, ordering, alterations, and even the delivering process that an internet-only store simply will not be able to provide. You will need to experience our products in person to see the fine quality and workmanship that we put into each wedding gown, which has been assembled by hand at our own factories. Emma Bridals cares deeply about fulfilling your needs, and we strive to provide all of our brides with the gown of their choice.

Emma bridals have one of the largest selection fo colour ways in the most fabrics, they are hard to beat when you have a particular shade in mind. We have actually colour swatches in store we can use and one your gown is on order we try to allow you a piece to take away with you.

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