Choosing the right Bridal Boutique for you

Choosing the right Bridal Boutique for you

Choosing your dream wedding dress is often the pinnacle of your wedding planning journey. A special time and for many an event to be shared with their closest friends and loved ones. It’s true, there’s no shortage of resources available to help you find ‘the one’ and no doubt your nearest and dearest will want to share a few ideas too, it’s such an exciting time. But, where do you start?

If you are serious about finding ‘your one’, with the aid of the internet, gone are the days of trailing from shop to shop (especially in these times). Finding the right boutique can save you a lot of time and really make or break your dress buying experience. Here’s a few points to set you on your way…

Choosing the right Bridal Boutique for you
Do Your ResearchBefore you hit the town with your bezzie’s, do some digging online. Most boutiques have an online gallery where you can see their collections, and be sure to follow them on Pinterest and social media.

Many boutiques may require you to make an appointment. Some may offer a special experience package; others may allow you to walk straight in and buy off the peg. It all depends what you are looking for. You can view our appointment types here.

Be sure to check out the online reviews. Choosing a boutique that has a great reputation is a sure sign you’re onto a good thing. Take a look at the social media pages and make contact by telephone or email. Don’t be afraid to ask questions, a great boutique will be pleased to help.

Choosing the right Bridal Boutique for you

Think about your Budget when Choosing the right Bridal Boutique for youVery few of us are lucky enough to not have to consider the ££££’s. Whether your parents are paying, or you’re using your own hard-earned cash, it’s good to have a budget in mind. There’s no point falling for your dream dress, only to discover it’s more than you wanted to spend.

Don’t be afraid to talk money with your boutique before you visit. You will of course pay more for the quality and workmanship of a designer dress. Many of the designer boutiques hold sales during the year, so keep your eye on social media to be in with a chance of bagging a bargain if you are happy to buy an ex-sample wedding dress.

Are you a Fairy-tale Princess or a Boho Beauty?Have you thought about your dream dress? Is it fitted, floaty or A-line? Does it have sleeves or straps? It really helps to get an idea of what you love before you start. Also, take your body shape into consideration (Have you seen our free guide to looking slimmer in your wedding dress?).

Think about your venue, the time of year you are getting married and what vibe you are going for. If you feel you need more advice about styles and shapes, choose a boutique with experienced stylists. Their knowledge can often be invaluable in helping you pick out the perfect dress.


View the CollectionThere really is a whole world of wedding dress styles to choose from. Whilst many boutiques hold a range, you will find they each have their own style. Some with more classic designs; some might be at the cutting edge of the latest trends. Many will stock certain designers and so it’s important to check out the website before you visit. Think about what designers you love and research your nearest stockists. We have a passion for Australian designers, take a look at our collection here

Choosing the right Bridal Boutique for you

What’s your Vibe?When you walk into the right boutique you’ll know. The environment, the stylists, those little touches and of course ‘the dresses’ will feel right. When you look at your chosen boutique’s social media do you feel excited? Is it somewhere you want to hang out? Are the stylists your kind of people?

When it feels right, you’ll know and that’s when the magic happens. Making brides dreams come true is our job and when you find the right boutique and find the perfect dress it will be a moment you’ll remember for the rest of your life!