An interview with Dale Alexander

An interview with Dale Alexander


Anyone planning a wedding in Cheshire or working in the industry knows the infamous location of Delamere Manor. It’s here I first met Dale while working on one of my many shoots there. He is one of the warmest and most genuine people I have met! It’s no surprise that he is so loved by brides as he 100% understands them. Dale knows what it takes to make your wedding the most memorable it can be. Read on for some brilliant wedding advice!

An interview with Dale Alexander

I began my career as a Luxury Wedding Planner in the boutique 5 star hospitality industry, first stating out at Nunsmere Hall as a wedding coordinator over 9 years ago, and found myself (some years on) working in private, luxury wedding venues as an events and customer relations director. Over the years, I learnt a great deal about the principles of great customer service, planning and event management. I am incredibly passionate about planning and managing events – it’s what I do best. I couldn’t ever imagine doing anything else.

An interview with Dale Alexander
What makes you different to others wedding planners?

I know how important hiring a wedding planner is to many couples, after all it is such a personal choice! Having the best planner will effect the experience of this special occasion. When I first meet our couples it is almost immediate that sense of relief they feel knowing that I’m on hand to take away all of their stresses and concerns and creating a confidence in them in this process.

The word ‘package’ just doesn’t exist in my vocabulary – and the even worse phrase ‘bespoke packages’ is just a contradiction in itself!

Just as we, each both have different personalities, likes and dislikes ourselves, I appreciate that all of my couples are completely unique. Everyone has different tastes and ideas and I like to accommodate and create our couple’s visions and bring them to life! Nothing makes me happier than when I see the excitement on my couples faces when they see how everything I have planned and designed for them has come together. Every little detail should represent each couples unique style.

Although I love looking at and getting inspired by trends – that isn’t what Dale Alexander Events are about, whatever each couple love, I will create something completely unique. No two weddings or events I manage are the same.

I don’t just stop at sourcing venues, suppliers & creating mood boards and event plans, I curate, design, illustrate & financially plan each wedding with my couples! After all, it will be myself and my team responsible in ensuring this special occasion exceeds all expectations and wows at every angle.

Throughout our planning process, we believe there is a solution to everything. It may simply need looking at from a different angle.

Delivering faultless, memorable experiences, full of soul.

What is the best part of being an events panner?

The best part for me is the couples and suppliers I work with along the way, I couldn’t do what I do without them, each of my team bring something completely unique to the table and inspire me on a daily basis to keep elevating our offering and experience.

An interview with Dale Alexander
What does the future of weddings look like  post Covid?

With so many couples having had to postpone their celebrations, I believe that couples are expressing themselves in more unique ways than ever before. I can predict a lot more outdoor receptions taking place for the next 12-18 months.

What advice would you give for a bride considering planning a wedding by herself?
  1. Make the planning fun.With so much to think of, planning a wedding can be really stressful. It’s easy to forget to enjoy the journey. I always encourage my couples to make a celebration out of as many planning events as possible. ‘For instance, if you’re having a dress fitting, meet with your entourage for afternoon tea or bubbly afterwards.
  2. Get organised.To do this, create a master document with supplier names, contact numbers, and other important details. Not only will you feel in complete control during the planning stages, you can print it and hand it to one of your trusted bridesmaids on the day!
  3. With venues, ask yourselves two questions.What kind of wedding do you want? And how many guests do you want to invite? Only once you know the answers to these questions should you start researching possible venues.
  4. Take notes.It may feel a bit like being back in school, but take tons of notes when visiting venues or other suppliers. You’re bound to forget the detail by the time you get home. With venues specifically, I recommend giving marks out of ten on things like style, charm, and budget.
What was the most unique wedding you worked on and what elements made it so special?

This is a hard question for me, as all of our weddings are unique and have so many special elements!


If you could give a bride one piece of on the day advice what would that be?

Hire a ‘Wedding Day’ Coordinator!

There are many pieces of the wedding puzzle that have to come together on your wedding day. It means preparing for what’s happening next and making sure everyone’s on the same page. You only get one wedding. Wouldn’t you rather spend it being present, soaking up the magic of the celebration instead of answering last minute vendor questions?

When meeting brides do you ever discuss bridal styling for themselves?  If so what does that look like?

 It is one of the first things I discuss with our brides, every bride to-be should feel their very best on their wedding day.

I usually steer away from presenting bridal brochures at first and start with initially discussing their personal style, time of year they’re due to marry and things alike, such as hair and makeup preferences, everyday wear, what makes them feel their very best usually. From this, we can point our brides to the best designers and boutiques to start their search.

As a boutique owner what advice would you share to help us with our brides?

As I am sure you already do, always ask your Brides these questions to help them discover finding the one.

  1. What budget are you working towards
  2. What venue do you have booked
  3. Do you have a wedding theme
  4. Do you have a favourite designer
  5. What time of year are you due to marry
  6. Ask them to bring along their favourite piece of fashion

An interview with Dale Alexander was our privilege so thank you and girls we hope you enjoyed the read!


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