A guide to choosing your ideal wedding suit

A guide to choosing your ideal wedding suit

If you’re reading this it’s likely that preparations are well underway for organising your wedding day. You may have already found your venue, organised your wedding flowers and decided on a colour scheme, but how about the Groom’s suit?

For Grooms, finding the perfect wedding suit is likely to be one of the biggest decisions they will make for their wedding. The choices are endless such as deciding on the best fit, colour palette as well as deciding on whether to opt for a  bespokeor hired wedding suit.

Whitfield and Ward

Since opening our doors in 2012 Whitfield and Ward have helped hundreds of Grooms and Groomsmen find their ideal wedding suit. Our concise guide will navigate you through the myriad of choices and guarantee that your wedding suit will compliment your Bride’s gown perfectly.

Picking your wedding suit may seem like a simple task but there are still a number of considerations to bear in mind. When you look back at your wedding photos it’s important that you’re happy with your wedding suit choice. Read on to discover our top tips on how to source the flawless suit for your big day.

Whitfield and Ward

1 – Timing

First things first, make sure that you forward plan, it’s never too soon to start creating your wedding suit. Wedding calendars often suggest planning your wedding suit should be done just 3 months ahead of your wedding! At Whitfield and Ward we provide a high quality service with a personal touch. To guarantee that our standards remain high we cap the number of weddings we cater for each weekend. This is a crucial point to bear in mind when planning your wedding suit as popular dates tend to fill up fast. Therefore, our advice would be to make sure you book a consultation with your wedding suit company as early as possible to avoid disappointment. To give you an idea of timings for wedding suit hire we’d advise you start organising your suit 12 to 6 months before your big day.

If you’re opting to buy your suit, we’d still advise that you start the process as soon as possible. We can design and deliver a bespoke suit within 4 months, but to ensure you fully enjoy the experience we’d advise a minimum of 6 months lead time.

2 – Budget

In all likelihood you’ve an allocation of how much you can spend on your wedding suit. This will play a pivotal role in whether you opt for a hire suit or purchase one. Over recent years we have noted that there is an increase in grooms choosing a bespoke suit and choosing to hire suits for their groomsmen. We feel this change is due to more relaxed dress codes at work which means that there is less need to wear a suit for work. Grooms see their wedding day as a perfect opportunity to invest in a good quality suit. However, there’s no need to worry if your budget can’t accommodate a bespoke suit, all our hire suits are made from 100% English and Italian wool and we offer a wide range of cuts to suit your shape and style. We often receive compliments from our grooms that our hire suits don’t feel hired as they are such high quality and offer the perfect fit.

3 – Consider your suit style

Do your research on social media; using Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest can help you find your ideal wedding suit. Social media channels are a great starting point to gain inspiration and ideas for your perfect wedding suit. We’d also suggest you check out your wedding venue and photographer’s social media channels for more ideas.

In our experience there are four key factors you should bear in mind when deciding on your wedding suit:

  1. Time of year

If you’re getting married in the Summer months or abroad, you’ll want to opt for a lightweight lounge, morning or dinner suit.  We’d also advise incorporating a waistcoat, this will mean that if you decide to take off your jacket during your wedding day, you’ll still maintain a distinguished look. As the seasons change so too should your wedding suit, a Winter or Autumn wedding will give you a chance to experiment with darker, heavier fabrics such as velvet, navy and even burgundy which is growing in popularity.

1.Venue style

Just as a Bride does with her gown your suit should complement the style of your venue. If your wedding is to be held at a rustic barn venue you can afford to be more relaxed with your look. Don’t forget a hint of check or tweed will tie in beautifully with a rustic themed wedding. Equally if you’re getting married at a stately country home or city hotel venue you’ll want to opt for a more formal morning or dinner suit. Check out wedding pictures from your venue as this will provide a good guide on what style works best in that setting. We’ve a number of Pinterest boards which will also help which can be found  here.

2. Wedding Theme

By now you probably have an idea of what your wedding theme will be. We don’t feel that you have to match exactly to the brides and bridesmaid’s dresses but subtle hints will tie the theme together. The most important factor is that you pick a suit which allows the Groom to standout.

3. The Groom’s Look

In a room full of suited gents, we feel it important that it’s not just the bride who stands out!  When dressing our Grooms, we take into account their personality, subtle changes to your tie or waistcoat will be ideal for the more modest Groom. Whereas some Grooms opt for a totally different style or colour to their Groomsmen to ensure everyone knows they’re the Groom.

4. Body Shape

Over the years we have dressed Grooms of all different shapes and sizes, our experienced team know exactly how to dress our Grooms to ensure we accentuate all their best features. This will make sure you’re the best dressed male at the wedding and will do wonders for your confidence. Irrespective of whether you choose a bespoke suit or hire, the process should ensure that the style and colour options chosen compliment not just your body shape but also your skin tone. Our process is consultative, we listen to our Grooms ideas and provide advice where required to ensure that at the end of the process your wedding look makes you feel wonderful!

At Whitfield and Ward, our team of stylists will guide you through the whole process to create a personalised look like no other. Our extensive range of waistcoats, ties and pocket squares ensure that even the smallest of details can be catered for.  We’ll work with you to create a suit style that is contemporary yet timeless. For more information visit our website www.whitfieldandward.co.ukor give us a call to book your consultation 01625 536545.