5 Things you need to know before you buy your bridal gown on line

Whether you’re working with a busy schedule, simply don’t like shopping or hoping to find something more budget friendly, buying your wedding dress on line can be a smart option. Plus, there’s nothing like falling in love with your gown and once it arrives looking at it every day dreaming of your wedding day. Having recently launched a new collection of exclusive gowns, only available on line, here are our top tips to help you navigate the shopping experience.

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Know Your body shape and size


Some huge no,no’s here. Don’t order a dress too small with the intention of loosing weight. We get brides who come in to our boutique and say I like this dress but I’m going to lose 4 stone before I get married.

In an ideal world, we’d all love to take a pill and that would happen but you’re setting yourself up for a little bit of failure. Some brides do lose the weight, but nine times out of 10 these ladies don’t lose and you’re putting that extra pressure on yourself. Choose the dress you like at the size you are on the day you order it.

Likewise if you are pregnant, don’t guess what size you need. Not everyone bounces back to pre baby body,  if you will be saying “I Do” while still carrying, you really need the advice of a professional seamstress.

Wedding gown sizes typically run one or two sizes smaller than street clothes, so try not to get hung up on the number. Do not fixate on the actual size but instead on how your measurements compare to the particular line on the size chart. If you choose to buy your dress from us we will always guide you through this part of the process if your anxious.

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know your style

Open your wardrobe doors, if Gok Wan was looking over your shoulder, how would he describe your wardrobe contents? Classy, glam, vintage, sexy, fun, flirty and so the list goes on. Know what your style is,  if you deviate from this with your wedding gown you will be uncomfortable. The dress of your dreams should make you smile, stand taller, and give you the confidence to strutt your stuff down that aisle.

As well as your own personal style, what is your wedding style? What is the venue? A beach wedding vs. formal ballroom reception, winter vs. summer, outdoor ceremony vs. restaurant dinner for 25 etc. Different styles of wedding mean different styles of dress. “Whimsical” is a word used alot to decribe weddings presently so if this is your style a super tight fitted satin gown would look slightly our of place. Likewise a boho floaty dress would look odd in s super slick city venue. we are always happy to offer advice and support in this area, just send us your mood board and we can advise.

RESEARCH THE Difference Between a reputable company and copy sites

Given the high price tag of some wedding dresses in boutiques and department stores, it’s no wonder brides-to-be are searching for cheaper alternatives online. But the beautiful bridal gowns pictured on websites are often startlingly different to the specimens that arrive on their doorstep. We all know someone who ordered something that was too good to be true but when it comes to your wedding gown don’t take the risk. Avoid the websites showing images of branded dresses that they say they can copy. Once they have your money you may as well wave it goodbye.

On line dresses are typically cheaper than their extravagant boutique counterparts due to the lack of excess fabric and embellishments. But that doesn’t always mean they’re a bargain. If you need anymore persuading check out this group on Facebook.

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Don’t Buy a Dress That’s Way Too Big

It can be tempting to buy a dress in the wrong size if you love the style (and price!). Resist the urge! If you’re a size 12 and you’re trying to tailor down a size 18, it can be very difficult to maintain the integrity of the design. You should buy something that is at most two sizes bigger than what you measure. If in doubt consultant a professional seasmstress before purchasing.

Why not head over to our on line boutique and see for yourself some amazing priced gowns. Here’s the link – link

Happy Shopping peeps

Sara xoxo